Being prepared in an emergency situation is more important and possible than ever before. With natural disasters and geopolitics threatening grid stability, those outside urban areas may find themselves without power for weeks as they await grid repairs.

Integrated Power Sources of Virginia is committed to providing critical backup power and emergency prep to residential, commercial, and industrial customers with batteries, generators, and EMP protection.

Battery Backup

Battery banks provide resiliency and critical power during outages. IPS of VA works with top manufacturers to provide turnkey battery backup services for home, business, and industrial operations. Solar PV systems outfitted with batteries allow for off-grid independence and can be used in conjunction with grid-supported systems.

Generators and Mobile Power Trailers

IPS of VA specializes in turnkey installation of stationary and mobile power via standby generators and mobile DC power trailers. Natural gas generators provide guaranteed power in the event of an outage. Custom designed mobile power trailers give portable DC power capability for events and construction sites.

EMP Protection

IPS of VA partners with Electromagnetic Associates, LLC to provide expert Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Protection solutions. Custom EMP protective enclosures for electrical equipment and EMP resiliency for on and off-grid solar PV systems gives an additional layer of hardening to DC and AC systems.