Integrated Power Sources of Virginia (IPSofVA) is your single source for stationary and motive power products, providing

  • Industrial batteries,
  • Controls and monitoring systems,
  • Motive (forklift) power batteries,
  • UPS systems,
  • Spill containment systems,
  • Hydrogen gas detection systems, and
  • Power conversion equipment
As power professionals, IPSofVA offers complete design, installation, and preventative maintenance services, including battery disposal, for a wide variety of power related equipment and systems.
Case Study: Backing You Up in an Emergency

CASE STUDY: Backing You Up in an Emergency

On August 8th, 2008, at 4pm, Integrated Power Sources of Virginia received a call from Dominion Power informing us that the back up batteries for their data and telecommunication center had failed. These battery systems back up all data and telecom systems company-wide. IPSofVA immediately dispatched a crew of technicians to the site with a temporary set of batteries.

IPSofVA worked through the night to remove the failed batteries and install temporary power, without interrupting the data processing center’s ability to perform. This attention to our customer’s emergency concerns resulted in a significant order and installation for IPSofVA.

Backing You Up In An Emergency: August 8th, 2008


Preventive Maintenance Programs

Turnkey DC Power Systems

  • Design
  • Furnish
  • Install
  • On-site Advisory Services


  • Batteries
  • Chargers
  • Power Plants

Systems Testing

  • Dynamic Load
  • IEEE Standards

Safety Products

  • Acid Spill Containment Systems
  • Showers and Flushing Equipment
  • Gas Detection Systems

Battery Disposal

  • USA and Canada
  • EPA Conformance and Traceable Documentation

Component Parts Replacement

  • All Equipment Manufacturers

Technical Support

  • Equipment Use, Application and Maintenance

Alternative Power Generation

  • Solar Power
  • Wind Power
  • Marine And Recreational
  • Integrated Products


Batteries – Flooded or Valve Regulated

  • Telecommunications
  • Switchgear and Control
  • UPS
  • Solar
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Motive Power

Battery and Relay Racks

  • Modular
  • Standard
  • Seismic




Cabinets – Standard Design or Custom Fabricated

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Indoor or Outdoor



  • DC/AC Solar Power Inverters


Mobile DC Power Plants

  • Telecommunications
  • Switchgear and Control



  • Telecommunications
  • Microwave
  • Switchgear and Control

Telecom Power

  • Switchmode Rectifiers
  • Ferroresonant Rectifiers
  • MDBs – PDUs – PCUs -BDFBs
  • DC/DC Converters
  • DC/AC Inverters


Custom Control Boards

  • Termination Panels
  • Alarm Panels
  • Supervisory Panels
  • Load Disconnect Panels
  • Distribution Fuse Panels
  • Breaker Panels
  • Meter Panels
  • Ground Bars
  • Swing Gates
  • Relay Racks


Power Conditioning

  • Lightning and Surge Protection


UPS Systems

  • Batteries
  • Inverters
  • Distribution Cabinets
DC Power Systems

  • Complete DC system proposals
  • Existing system evaluation, analysis and recommendations

Installation Packages

  • Methods of Procedure
  • Bills of Material
  • Grounding Schematics
  • Distribution Diagrams
Cable Arrangements

  • New Installation
  • Expansion
  • Upgrades
  • Rework
  • Removal
CASE STUDY: Thermal Runaway at the US Geological Center
On July 7th, 2008, Integrated Power Sources of Virginia received a call from the United States Geological Center concerning a set of batteries that were going into thermal runaway. “Thermal runaway” is a term used to describe batteries that have short circuited and are experiencing a substantial increase in battery temperature. If left unchecked, batteries in a thermal runaway WILL cause a fire, and can even explode. Not only does this endanger human life, but also can destroy any sensitive equipment in the area. IPSofVA dispatched a team of technicians including our President and CEO, Steve Schenkelberger.

After arriving at the site and dismantling the existing battery to stop the thermal reaction, IPSofVA worked through the night to install a set of back-up batteries. The Geological Center never experienced any interruption in service. This action prevented a hazardous materials incident and resulted in a very strong relationship between IPSofVA and our customer, as well as a significant order for services.

Thermal Runaway at the United States Geological Center


Integrated Power Sources of Virginia (IPSofVA) is a distributor of equipment for the following manufacturers, listed alphabetically. Click any manufacturer’s link below to see details about that manufacturer.


C&D Technologies, Inc. is a technology company that produces and markets systems for the power conversion and storage of electrical power, including industrial batteries and electronics. This specialized focus has established the company as a leading and valued supplier of products in three major categories – reserve power systems, electronic power supplies and material handling systems.

C&D’s success in these key markets has been supported by dedication to customer service. Approximately 70 percent of the company’s current sales are reserve power systems supplied to leading operators of telecommunications, data transmission, infrastructure computer systems and utilities to enable them to maintain critical operations during power outages.

Cobra Wire & Cable, Inc. is a world leader in developing and producing high quality wire and cable that can meet virtually every electrical application. We carry an extensive line of cables and custom made wires for varied applications.

Cobra Wire operates as an independent producer of insulated wire and cable products, and related items. Cobra Wire & Cable contracts with manufacturers on selected basis to have certain commodities manufactured for Cobra stock. These commodities have been developed and marketed exclusively by Cobra. Within the terms of these contracts the manufacturers cannot sell these products to anyone other than Cobra.

East Penn Manufacturing makes thousands of different sizes and types of lead-acid batteries, battery accessories, plus wire and cable products for virtually any application. Since 1946, we have developed an enviable reputation for world-class quality products made in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

These facilities include our modern U. S. EPA permitted lead smelter and refinery and recycling center where we recycle virtually 100 percent of every used lead-acid battery returned to us.

Emerson Network Power has been an industry leader in power solutions for over 70 years. The result is an unparalleled breadth of intelligently engineered DC power, distribution, control, and monitoring systems – designed to withstand the most rigorous network power applications. When we bring a next-generation power platform to market it’s more than a new level of technological experience and application expertise. It’s a re-affirmation of our industry-wide reputation for quality, reliability and value.

Since 1945, La Marche has been providing reliable power conversion products. La Marche products include industrial battery chargers, rectifiers, power supplies, inverters and many more. We have built our reputation by controlling all aspects of the development process including design, in-house manufacturing and testing.

La Marche Manufacturing serves the Utility, Telecom, Engine Start, Material Handling, Marine and many more markets. We have exceptional knowledge and years of experience in Mag Amp, Ferro, SCR, and Switchmode technologies. The La Marche name has been synonymous with reliable battery chargers and power conversion equipment for more than 60 years.

Manufacturer’s Representative

Integrated Power Sources of Virginia (IPSofVA) represents, installs and services equipment from the following manufacturers, listed alphabetically. Click any manufacturer’s link below to see details about that manufacturer.

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