BIPV – Solar Power Portfolio

     While the majority of today’s solar electric systems are found on roofs or the ground, an exciting emerging technology has solar PV components combining directly with building materials to maximize space and energy efficiency. With Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), construction planners replace conventional building materials with solar energy collecting equipment, allowing for a more seamless, attractive, and efficient system than a traditional separate PV installation on-site. The technology is young and constantly improving, with sensible options currently existing for the residential and commercial customer. Examples of existing and constantly improving BIPV technologies include thin film solar cells for roofs and paneling, and greenhouses and sun rooms featuring transparent or translucent solar cells that absorb solar energy while allowing sunlight to penetrate for heating and lighting. Other applications include solar roof shingles and carports/awnings that shade and shelter vehicles/patios while producing electricity for nearby buildings or electric vehicle charging.

IPS of VA completes 15kW solar carport canopy at Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge.
6.6 kW Solar Carport Canopy with Battery Backup in Heathsville, Virginia providing shelter and clean backup power – designed and installed by IPS of VA.

Florian Solar PV Greenhouse with bifacial (double-sided) roof modules capable of colllecting reflected light. Florian design implemented by IPS of VA.

Florian Solar PV Greenhouse with bifacial (double-sided) roof modules in Rappahannock County, Virginia. Florian design implemented by IPS of VA.


IPS of VA is keeping close track of these rapidly advancing solar technologies. We currently offer design and installation of Solar Carports, Awnings, and Canopies by Florian Solar Products, Baja Solar Support Systems, and Schletter Park@Sol as well as other BIPV products and suppliers as they emerge and innovate in the sector. We work with home builders, commercial architects, and professional engineers to provide BIPV solutions from the ground up. Backup options such as batteries and generators and additional green-tech such as Electric Vehicle chargers can be seamlessly integrated with many BIPV projects. IPS of VA will design a BIPV Solar system to fit any specific power situation and needs. Contact us today about how to integrate BIPV into your home, business, or accessory building.

We also offer professional solar consulting services to construction companies or individuals looking to incorporate renewable energy into their projects.